About Al Peake and Sons

 Al Peake and Sons Food Service is a 3rd generation family owned and operated food supplier. Our staff takes pride daily to guarantee you the highest quality and honest pricing in the industry. Our experienced buyers seek and purchase direct only the highest quality products available in produce, dairy/cheese, meats, poultry, frozen foods, dry-canned, disposable and chemical supplies.

At Al Peake & Sons we don’t just inventory merchandise, we specialize in all aspects of our product lines to best service your establishment.


Our certified state-of-the-art main distribution center is conveniently located off I-75 enabling our inspected fleet of refrigerated/freezer trucks efficient and direct access to guarantee you precise delivery. Al Peake and Sons collaborates decades of experience, work ethic, knowledge, quality control, service, and cost savings all combined and delivered to you.

We strive daily to improve and evolve our company to best serve you, the private/owner operated establishment. Our mission is simple; rise above expectation in providing dedicated hard at work owner operators a fully capable alternative. Guaranteed business is a difficult task, but we believe failure is not an option. Although we do fall far from being a corporate power house or trading company stocks on Wall Street, our entire staff contributes passion and intense focus to compete as you do, in times when giants saturate the industry fueled by contracts and side deal incentives to dictate the market we share.

Al Peake & Sons is always prepared for times when business will demand challenge to get the job done, when obstacles erupt that’s when our modest size company is most triumphet. When we are put to the test we work as a unified team and contribute all personnel necessary (including suit and ties) to step up, get in the trenches and collaborate efforts to achieve the challenge of upholding any company guarantee and/or protocol.

When you’re unsatisfied and seeking a free choice/no contract/obligation supplier, whom you can decide daily to do business with? TRY US RISK FREE! We strive daily to service and relieve private/owner operated establishments from unexplainable high prices, contracts, product trapping, fuel charges, delivery/service fees, unreasonable minimums, inadequate service, and the phrases “no” & “can’t”.

Our company guarantees to work with total dedication to please and accomplish our customers goals. The staff at Al Peake & Sons food service guarantees to work daily toward deserving your next order.

“Your business will never be assumed!”

~Phil Peake – Owner

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